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Single-Ply Systems, Inc.


Most other contractors install four or five different roofing systems and are unable to achieve our high standards. As specialists, we have developed highly skilled crews using time-tested methods to achieve cost-saving efficiencies without sacrificing quality.

Thermoplastic roofing offers a cleaner and simpler installation process than other options such as hot tar and rock. And, since the insulation is mechanically fastened, in new applications our crews can install direclty behind iron workers resulting in faster installation.

Our Process


The existing roof is prepared by
vacuuming loose gravel.


Insulation is mechanically fastened and installed over the existing roof.


Seams are heat welded to provide the strongest seam of all single-ply membranes.


Membrane is rolled into place and then installed by mechanically fastening, adhering or ballasting.


All perImeter walls are wrapped in their entirety to provide a complete watertight application.


All rooftop penetrations are heat-welded by hand to provide complete watertight application.

FREE Roof Analysis

Single-Ply Systems, Inc. offers a free roof analysis including roof survey, infrared analysis, energy and drainage evaluation, as well as straight forward bids. You will be impressed by our Project Manager's knowledge, attention to detail and in-depth understanding of your roofing needs.